Turkish Food Festival seeks to teach Greenville about Turkey’s culture and cuisine

Alex Cooper Since 2016, the Turkish Food Festival has brought a variety of Turkish dishes and cultural activities to Greenville. This year, though, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the festival will be serving food in a drive-thru at the Phillis Wheatley Center while hosting virtual activities from 11 a.m.-4 p.m on Saturday, Sept. 26. The Atlantic Institute, […]

Demonization of the Gülen movement unfair and baseless

Prof. Mehmet Efe Çaman The Gülen movement is one of two marginalized groups in present-day Turkey along with the with Kurds. However, the situation was quite different 10 years ago. The people who launched a fierce campaign to “finish off” the Gülen group in today’s Turkey once considered it their closest ally. The politicians who […]

Did the Gülen Movement Infiltrate the State?

The Gülen group did not infiltrate the bureaucracy but participated in it. If there is to be a “responsible” party, then it is the AKP government that made the political choice to hire the movement’s followers. Besides, it’s relevant to highlight that employment requirements in the state are designated in the law. And the government […]

Chestnut Retreat Center offers a look inside their Saylorsburg facility and its mission

Brian Myszkowski Monroe County United and the Chestnut Retreat Center offered the public a window into the world of Fethullah Gulen and his followers in an effort to build bridges with the local community during a special online event on Sunday evening. Hosted by Monroe County United, “Meet our Muslim Neighbors” welcomed intrigued individuals to […]

Erdoğan’s overarching purge is not a road accident

Dr. Ismail Sezgin The Economist recently published an article entitled “Fethullah Gulen shares blame for Turkey’s plight” about Turkey, Erdoğan, and Gulen, in which it argues “no one helped him [Erdoğan] cripple Turkey’s democracy more than Mr Gulen and his sect [the Hizmet Movement].” As the co-director of the London-based Centre for Hizmet Studies, and […]

Is Gulen the scapegoat of Ankara crisis?

Felix Kaiza In the language of the learned brothers, now the world knows something beyond any reasonable doubt. The fall of the Berlin Wall did not mean the end of the Cold War; just as the hair-split and almost insignificant phonetic difference between wall and war still makes the whole big difference on the global […]