Is Gulen the scapegoat of Ankara crisis?

Felix Kaiza In the language of the learned brothers, now the world knows something beyond any reasonable doubt. The fall of the Berlin Wall did not mean the end of the Cold War; just as the hair-split and almost insignificant phonetic difference between wall and war still makes the whole big difference on the global […]

Post-coup purge in Turkey leaves children parentless after mother and father are put behind bars

Turkey’s post-coup purge is continuing to hit children, leaving them parentless in myriad cases, shattering their families, disrupting their education and upending their emotional life. Enes (5), Mesut (7) and Tarık (10) are three of them. Their parents are imprisoned as part of the sustained purge, which has been carried out since a coup attempt […]

Turkish Cultural Center Hosts Food Drive

The Humanitarian Aid group under the Turkish Cultural Center (TCC)  held a meat drive on Monday, August 3rd for Eid al Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) at the Turkish Cultural Center on Revere Street.  According to Islam, the Feast of Sacrifice commemorates Prophet Abraham’s obedience to God as he was tested to sacrifice his beloved son. Mahmut Bekin of the Humanitarian Aid […]

Hizmet movement demonized by Erdogan regime but loved abroad

Turkmen Terzi South Africans appreciate Hizmet Movement’s selfless contributions amid Turkey’s extensive social media restrictions at home While Erdogan completely silences critics at home as Turkish parliament approved a law on Wednesday that gives President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government to regulate social media including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, and his administration actively pursues dissidents around the […]