Turkey: Babies behind bars

Aram Ekin Duran Hundreds of children are locked up in Turkish prisons alongside their mothers. Authorities have said they now want to create more family-friendly living arrangements, but human rights activists doubt this will help. “She was born on a Friday. A day later, we were forced to send her and her mother to prison,” […]

How do you see the enmity of Erdogan against you?

Peter Demant  Question: How do you see the enmity of Erdogan against you? The Turkish government has of course its own explanation of “Gülen working to overthrow it”. If this were true, its opposition to Hizmet would be well understandable. However, I think these are lies. Yet if Turkey’s official justification is based on a […]

An Interview with Fethullah Gülen

Peter Demant FethulIah Gülen, a Turkish Sunni spiritual leader who is since 1999 modestly living in self-imposed exile in the US, is today doubtless the world’s second most influential living Türk — though probably not in any way he would ever have wished. Once initiator and leader of a vast, wealthy and extremely successful moderate […]

World Refugee Day Message from Fethullah Gülen

Today on World Refugee Day, I join the global community in showing support for millions of refugees around the world who were displaced due to conflict and persecution and who are going through an extremely difficult journey as a result.   It is distressing to see that the refugee crisis is getting worse each day and […]

Are Turkey’s torture chambers back?

In the wake of the 2016 coup attempt, torture and abusive and degrading treatment are again becoming the norm in Turkish prisons, rather than the exception, Turkish news site Diken said on Tuesday. “Allegations of torture in detention centres came up the first time in many years after the coup attempt on July 15, 2016,” Diken […]