M. Fethullah Gülen: educator, mystic, peacebuilder

Richard Penaskovic Those who want to reform the world must first reform themselves; purify their inner worlds of hatred, rancor, and jealousy; and adorn their outer worlds with virtue.” M. Fethullah Gülen “The greatest gift today’s generation can give is to teach their children how to forgive and be tolerant.” M. Fethullah Gülen Reuter World […]

Gulen followers encourage education, awareness

By Brian Myszkowski / Pocono Record Writer In spite of the recent subversive attempts to have cleric Fethullah Gulen extradited to Turkey, members of the Alliance for Shared Values are encouraging education and awareness to combat the government’s tactics. On Dec. 17, an indictment that alleged former President Trump aide Michael Flynn’s business partner Bijan […]

Turks Fleeing a Crackdown Find Haven in Albania

Vladimir Karaj, BIRN, Tirana Dozens of Turks at risk at home from their affiliation with the man accused of mounting a failed coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have found haven in Albania. But ‘brotherly’ ties between Ankara and Tirana keep them on their toes. Early one August morning in 2016, Esin and Huseyin Sakinmaz […]

Erdogan’s hunt for Gülenists, at home and abroad, includes abductions, torture and disappearances

Turkey’s crackdown has targeted ordinary citizens, suspected of links with Gülen’s Islamic movement. The country’s secret services have seized people in broad daylight, at home and abroad. Violence is used to extort confessions and denunciations. A victim speaks out. Istanbul (AsiaNews) – Since the night of the failed coup in July 2016, which left President Recep Tayyip […]