MEDIA: – Turkey’s Witch-Hunt Against the Gulen Movement Should Stop

A new piece on outlines the oppression upon the Hizmet (Gulen) Movement in Turkey by Erdogan and the current Government.We’re told they are “vampires” and “traitors”, “pawns of foreign powers” and “cancerous cells” and a “blood-sucking virus” to be “annihilated,” “cleansed,” “vaporized,” and “separated into its molecules.” Is this the violent invective spewed at dissidents […]

REPORT Chatham House release report on Africa that details Hizmet (Gulen) Movement activities

A new 22 page report by Ambassador David Shinn and published by Chatham House provides current analysis on developing relations between Turkey and Sub-Saharan Africa. An important part of the report details the activities of the Hizmet Movement inspired by Rumi Forum‘s Honorary President Fethullah Gulen. Below are some extracts, link to full report is below: […]