Ramadan Iftar Dinner with African-Turkish American Communities

The Inaugural Turkish-African American Friendship Iftar Dinner was held Tuesday, July 7th at the American-Turkish Friendship Association (ATFA) in Fairfax, Virginia. The first meeting of these diverse communities was warmly received as the Turkish community and the African American community gathered around the same table to break bread during the holy month of Ramadan.                             […]

Rumi Forum Hosts Arab-Turkish American Ramadan Iftar

President of Rumi Forum, Emre Celik, welcomed friends, community leaders and guests to the inaugural Turkish Arab American Iftar dinner held in Fairfax on July 3rd, 2014. Speaking on behalf of the American Turkish Friendship Association (ATFA) and Rumi Forum, he extended his warm invite to friends in the Arab community. “The Rumi Forum, since […]

Rumi Forum Hosts Truman Natioanal Security Project over Ramadan Iftar Dinner

Rumi Forum hosted guests from Truman National Security Project along with Turkish-American community leaders for Ramadan Iftar on 26thJune, 2015. President for Center for National Policy, Scott Bates, delivered a short speech, followed by Truman Fellows Joshua Walker and Jen Nedua. President Scott Bates addressed the attendees of the Ramadan dinner, delivering a short message […]

NEW BOOK: Renewing Islam by Service, Pim Valkenberg, Catholic University of America

Renewing Islam by Service offers a theological account of the contemporary Turkish faith-based service movement started by Fethullah Gülen, and placed against the backdrop of changes in modern Turkish society. The life and works of Gülen are analyzed against the background of developments in Turkish society, and of spiritual Islamic tendencies in the transition from […]

Rumi Forum Organized 2nd Annual Ramadan Suhoor

The 2nd Annual Ramadan Suhoor, organized by the Rumi Forum took place on the 11th of July, 2015. Various ambassadors, members of the media, intellectuals from think tanks, scholars, NGO leaders and other professions all shared a meal together, forming a crowd of more than 80 people.  Laurie Fulton, former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, and […]